glimpses of her expertise and knowledge base


Hands-On Culinary Events and Culinary Demonstrations

A Comprehensive Approach

This is truly where the most learning takes place. Enjoy the process of empowerment in the kitchen.


Speaking Engagements

Educating from all starting points

From Grand Rounds, to medical conferences, expert panels, community lecture and demonstrations. Teaching for varied audiences in English and Spanish.

Community Engagement

Planting seeds throughout the San Diego community with increasing culinary literacy

I have been honored to do work with Olivewood Gardens and Learning Center, United Women of East Africa Community, Lung Force, the Berry Good Food Foundation. Giving back gives me more than one would ever imagine.


Knowledge from worldwide sources

Travels for Knowledge

I have traveled throughout the world to learn first hand about the sources of our food, culinary history, ingredient acquisition and how simple ingredients can transition to sublime outcomes. This knowledge I bring back to you.

Belize Cacao Farm
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