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Sensations...Pleasurable or Frightening?

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

"Nobody can teach me who I am. You can describe parts of me, but who I am - and what I need - is something I have to find out myself."

- Chinua Achebe -



Moments of pause and reflection - often a feeling of luxury to allow ourselves this. Or, can too much come up? Is busy safer? I started my company truly to empower through food - to know food, to awaken senses around ingredient acquisition, food preparation and the pleasure of eating real, and delicious food, that happens to nurture our bodies. Yet, I know from personal experience, and have worked with thousands of patients through 15 years as a primary care doctor, that it's often not about the food. Our mind is usually aware when food is not nurturing our health, yet we reach for it anyways: in choice of food, in quantity, in our state of mind when eating. We use food as a coping mechanism more than we realize. I've had patients whom I've worked with for years until they were able to see for themselves why they had certain relationships with food. And it is a beautiful moment to be present when someone is able to see this link clearly, for themselves and can use that knowledge to change the course of their future.

So, this is the goal - to stop and reflect and to note that without pausing and reflecting, how do we know we are on

our personal right track for his one precious life we have? For us as imperfectly perfect humans we all are? Without the shoulds that are with us. The shoulds that come from so many places and we carry them with us daily: "I should stay at this job", "I should do this or that as a parent", "I should go out on Fridays", "I should go to that party" "I should do one more load of laundry before putting my exhausted feet up". What if in pausing we allow ourselves the luxury to think on a should that has come our way this week, this day (we won't go into this life - that can be daunting as a start!) and really. note if it is an inner desire, or an external should.

The Sensations of Sensations Salud is about more than food - is about the connection between all aspects of our lives and how they affect one another. There is a tremendous body of evidence behind mindfulness - the ability to pause and reflect on the current moment without judgement. So today this is my one an only morsel of sensations awakening for you - reflect on the should that came up in the paragraph above, perhaps where it came from, and do you want to keep carrying it around or can you let it go and instead steer your ship towards a desire in any aspect of your life that would fill your energy bucket: sleep, movement, stress reduction, relationship with food, relationship with alcohol, connection with others.

I leave you with that - over time I will dive into both Sensations aspect of our lives as well as Salud - sharing culinary medicine principles and concrete tools in and out of the kitchen to empower you to better health.

Welcome and Salud!

Sabrina A. Falquier Montgrain, MD, CCMS

Comments, reflections, forwarding to friends and loves is welcome

A friendly reminder that all information stated here does not replace your medical home.

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