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About Dr. Falquier

Meet Sabrina A. Falquier, MD, CCMS, DipABLM

Founder and CEO of Sensations Salud

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Dr. Falquier's Story

Dr. Falquier (pronounced: fall-key-ay) is a board certified internal medicine, culinary medicine, and lifestyle medicine physician. She is bilingual and multicultural, born and raised in Mexico City to Swiss and American parents. This unique multilingual and multicultural perspective has shaped her work tremendously, as she has seen and experienced that unique backgrounds, culture, taste, cultural experiences, and historic expectations shape our health tremendously.


Dr. Falquier worked as a primary care doctor for a prestigious multi-specialty group in San Diego, California, for over 15 years. In 2016, she began incorporating culinary medicine into her practice and the community and in 2020, founded Sensations Salud, which focuses on awakening the senses around ingredient acquisition and food preparation while empowering people to better health through nutritional knowledge and culinary literacy.

Dr. Falquier is the host of the Doctors+ Premium episodes on Apple Podcasts. She is highly involved with Olivewood Gardens and Learning Center in National City, California, too. Olivewood is a nonprofit organization that empowers all age groups through gardening, nutrition and culinary literacy. She acts as their consulting physician and has been on their board of directors since 2017, currently acting as the vice-chair. Her work there can be seen through the powerful documentary: The Kitchenistas, which released in March 2021 and was selected for 10 film festivals and multiple awards. Dr. Falquier also serves as chair of the Culinary Medicine Specialist Board, focusing on permeating culinary medicine into medical schools, health systems, food service industry, and the community. She is a clinical professor at the Herbert Wertheim School of Public Health and Human Longevity Science, UC San Diego Health Sciences, and adjunct professor at Bastyr University.


Dr. Falquier promotes culinary medicine throughout San Diego and internationally in a variety of ways and to varied age groups and audiences via: hands-on cooking events, cooking demonstrations, both live and virtual, animated speaking engagements, expert panels, educational events and courses for medical students, graduate students, medical residents, chefs, athletes, and community members. She does extensive recipe development, recipe modifications for optimization of health, and is active on social media.


She has been interviewed regarding food and health by media outlets including The Washington Post, The San Diego Union-Tribune, Edible San Diego, San Diego Magazine, CBS News, and Telemundo. Additionally, she is a member of both the Mexico and San Diego chapters of Les Dames d’Escoffier International, and has been recognized yearly, from 2009-2020, as one of San Diego’s Top Doctors. 

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