Sabrina A. Falquier Montgrain, MD

— Founder

Born and raised in Mexico City to Swiss and American parents. Dr. Falquier takes this multilingual and multicultural life experience into her expertise in Culinary Medicine. Her focus is awakening the senses and empowering people to better health through nutritional knowledge and culinary literacy.


About Dr. Falquier

Sabrina A. Falquier Montgrain, MD

Dr. Falquier (Fall-Key-A) is board certified in Internal Medicine and specializes in Culinary Medicine. She has a thriving outpatient primary care practice in San Diego, California. Since 2016, she has incorporated culinary medicine into her practice and has started a shared medical appointment model with a culinary medicine focus within her multi-specialty medical group, including researching health outcomes. Dr. Falquier is highly involved with Olivewood Gardens and Learning Center in National City, California. A non-profit organization that empowers all age groups through gardening, nutrition and culinary literacy. She has been on their Board of Directors since 2017. Dr. Falquier spends an average of 15 hours a week, outside of her medical practice, promoting culinary medicine throughout the San Diego community in a variety of ways including: lectures, expert panels, cooking demonstrations, recipe development, hands-on cooking events, and social media. She has been interviewed regarding food and health by media outlets including The Washington Post, The Union Tribune, Telemundo, San Diego Magazine, Edible San Diego, CBS News, and Sharp Health News. Additionally, she is a member of Les Dames d’Escoffier International, and has been recognized, for the last 11 years, as one of San Diego’s Top Doctors, as voted by physician peers.



  • Cooking to Support Your Hormones
    Feb 27, 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM PST
    Join us to discover how food choices can help support your hormones at various stages of the life cycle. Culinary Medicine in action with an expert in the field guiding us with evidenced-based information alongside cooking demonstration with recipes to support the concepts discussed.


Dr. Falquier's guidance and expertise has opened our eyes to the field of culinary medicine.  She has helped numerous fellow doctors and clinical staff develop crucial skills to improve the health and well-being of our patients, ourselves, and our loved ones.  She makes important lifestyle changes accessible and enjoyable no matter what your background is.

Prachi Karnik, MD
Internal Medicine

Dr. Falquier Montgrain is an exceptionally passionate and committed inspiration in the community when it comes to culinary medicine! She has a fantastic scope across both the kitchen and health industries, which allows her to reach many demographics with great comfort. Her extensive knowledge and exuberant brightness take center stage when she’s leading cooking classes and demonstrations, and we feel grateful to call her a partner and friend.

Christina Ng of Berry Good Food

SensationsSalud me ha enseñado a comer más nutritivamente sin sacrificar lo sabroso. Me encanta seguir los consejos de la Dra Sabrina y ponerlos en práctica cuidando mi presupuesto. 
He aprendido a comer una gran variedad de verduras a diario; hago un arcoíris con ellas, aparte la sazón realza sus sabores naturales. 
Gracias por sus consejos y su buen humor.

Ela, Mexico y San Diego

I have had the wonderful experience of attending Dr. Falquier Montgrain’s events both in person and through livestream/social media. She has an amazing breadth of knowledge and is able to convey the information in such a way that every participant can easily understand.  I continually refer friends to attend and follow knowing that they will also gain from her insights. She is awesome!

Tracey, San Diego, California

I loved how everyone in my family learned something new in Sabrina’s class — from my kids who are novices in the kitchen, to myself, who’s spent decades in the foodservice industry. It was fun, digestible and full of time saving tips for healthy meals. Could not recommend it more highly!

Ann Jaffe, RDN

Me encanta el enfoque de estas charlas: Salud+Comer rico+cuidar presupuesto.
En poco tiempo se trata de manera global un tema: Fortalecer sistema inmunológico, cosas que se pueden hacer para controlar el estrés.
Los tips son claros y fáciles de implementar y recordar: estación de hidratación, verduras arcoiris, las matematicas del azúcar.
Muy interesante y divertido escuchar a la Dra. Sabrina.

Elvira, Mexico

Sabrina is a true inspiration and one of the coolest women out there. I've known and collaborated with her since 2016. She is innovative, connects easily with all audiences, committed to developing high-quality programs and events, and passionate about supporting our community.

Claire of Olivewood Gardens and Learning Center; National City, California

Le quiero agradecer a la Dra Falquier Montgrain y Sensations Salud por darme siempre buenos consejos de alimentación y buenas ideas para preparar los alimentos. Por ejemplo, rostizar las verduras con aceite de oliva o aguacate. También he aprendido a preparar una gran variedad de cereales como couscous, lentejas, habas, trigo, avena, etc. Mi gran orgullo es poder preparar la receta del humus en mi propia cocina. 
Gracias Dra Sabrina!

Leticia, Mexico y San Diego

Gracias SensationsSalud por tantos buenos consejos. Mi receta favorita es la de la avena con yogurt, leche de avena, extracto de vainilla, canela y miel en frascos que se conservan bien hasta una semana en el refrigerador. Es un desayuno muy nutritivo, fácil y rápido. Solo hay que agregar frutas. Delicioso!

Gijon, Cd Mexico

I am so impressed by how you use your knowledge and love for both medicine and food to get the importance of culinary medicine out there, Dr. Falquier ❣️ 
«The goal is to eat the rainbow. We should add variety and color in the plants we eat as each one has different nutrients, and each of those nutrients will give your body the building blocks to build up your immune system.»

Hege Herstad, Oslo, Norway